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Adopt a Hive

and help us save the bees

Honeybees and pollinators are vital for our food security, with 75% of food crops dependent on insect pollination to produce the food we eat. They are foundational to our ecosystems, and essential for life on our planet.


But they are under threat. Honeybee colonies all over Britain and Europe are in decline, whilst in America, bee populations are being decimated by Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon which is still not completely understood.


Bees face many challenges, from loss of forage and damage from pesticides as agricultural practices intensify, to pests and diseases like varroa destructor.

Sustainable beekeeping has never been more important -
and you can help.


Adopting a hive with The British Bee Company will mean an immediate, positive impact for the environment.


Your adoption means the creation of a new colony of Apis Melifera Melifera native black bees here in the Ceiriog Valley, under the nurturing care of a beekeeper with 25 years experience. 

Browse our adoption plans to find out more,
and be part of something amazing.

bee on poached egg plant.JPG

Personalised adoption certificate & your name on the hive

Set of postcards &
information pack


Seasonal updates on social media & straight to your email inbox

Delicious honey from your hive
when it's time to harvest

Plus - name the Queen Bee!

All our adoption plans include...

Beekeeper at Work

Adopting a Hive is perfect if...

You love bees, but don't have the space or time to keep them yourself

You're looking for a simple and effective way to make a real difference to honeybee populations

You want a unique and meaningful gift for the nature lover in your life


Are you a school, business or corporate body interested in Adopting a Hive?

We can tailor our adoption packages to suit you

We offer educational visits as part of our corporate & school adoption schemes, at no extra cost,
to inform and engage about this vital environmental cause

We'd love to hear from you 

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