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The British Bee Company Beeswraps

Beeswrap is an innovative and sustainable alternative to both cling film and tin foil; neither of which biodegrade. 

Beeswrap is non-toxic, reusable, anti-bacterial, breathable, plastic-free and compostable.

Beeswrap is home-made using only pure bees wax and cotton and can be used over and over again to cover and wrap food. Use for fruit, vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, over a bowl, nuts, cookies, bread, cooked meat and fish (not raw) and much more. 

Wrap the food securely and use the warmth from your hands to mould and seal the wax sheet. Sheets of beeswrap come in different sizes for all shapes and sizes of food.

Wash using warm warm and a little soap or detergent. Keep away from heat. Can be put safely in the fridge and deep freeze. 

Beeswrap will last One year or longer.

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