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We are proud to offer nuclei of Apis Melifera Melifera, the Welsh black honeybee, bred here in the Ceiriog Valley.

We use a remote and secure mating apiary in which are sited our strongest drone-producing colonies. All breeding hives in the valley are given two drone brood frames ensuring the area is flooded with Apis Melifera Melifera drones.

Nuclei are made up in May and June, each with a swarm or Queen cell and taken up to the mating apiary in a wooden nucleus box.

Here they are left to let the virgin Queens mate and are fed to enable the nucleus build up. When a new Queen is showing a favourable brood pattern and there is brood on three frames, some sealed brood, the nucleus is ready for sale.

The five frame nucleus will have a young mated Queen, three frames with brood of differing ages and two well provisioned frames of stores.


Nuclei are generally ready for collection from the first week of July onwards. We will be in close contact to let you know when you can expect to collect your bees . Please note, the wooden nucleus box will need to be returned at some stage.

British standard frames are used.  All bees are treated regularly for varroa.

Nuc's are £200 each, payable on collection.


In times of high demand we may ask for a small deposit to secure your order.

Aftercare is important to us, so to ensure you have the best possible start with your hive, advice will be available on topics including:

  • Siting your hive and what to consider

  • Getting your nucleus of bees home

  • Housing your bees in their new hive

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Wooden nucleus box

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We love to hear how your bees are doing, and are here to support you through your beekeeping journey.

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