A Monthly Guide to the Management of Beehives by Kirsty Williams


In this handy and readable guide, Kirsty shares her 25+ years of knowledge and experience in managing beehives, providing an indispensable resource for new beekeepers and seasoned apiarists alike.


Kirsty's userfriendly guide clearly explains the logic and simplicity of her ingenious system, solving the problem many beekeepers come up against - of one brood box being too small for the average British bee colony, whilst two boxes provide too much space for the bees to fill.


Divided by month, Kirsty's booklet provides a step-by-step guide to the jobs to be done, both in the hive and at home in the workshop, along with observations on the season and forage, bee behaviour, and handy tips and tricks she has amassed over the years.


Some of the topics covered include:

  • exemplary animal husbandry of honeybees
  • encouraging a good honey crop
  • planning and organisation
  • discouraging and mitigating swarming
  • honeybee breeding
  • essential equipment, and much more


Keeping hives in both North East Wales and the North West of Scotland has meant Kirsty's knowledge of beekeeping through the seasons is wide ranging and holistic, and she adapts her recommendations for the differing climates we experience here in the UK.


The guide includes diagrams to explain the finer points of detail inside the hive, and the cover has been illustrated by our wonderful friend and local artist Catrin. Discover more of her artwork on her website.


Reassuring, enthusiastic and comprehensive, this monthly guide is an absolute gem for any beekeeper! 


Kirsty's system is adapted from one pioneered by the late Ian Craig MBE, who worked over 80 hives in Renfrewshire, Scotland for almost 60 years. We're grateful to Ian's family for their permission to adapt and rewrite his invaluable notes.


Booklets are A5 size, 16pp.
Copies are printed & bound locally, in Chirk

A Monthly Guide to the Management of Beehives - Educational Booklet

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