Keen to teach future generations about bees and beekeeping, and evolving from our successful beekeeping presentations to schools, we have developed an educational DVD for primary school teachers and parents.


Aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils, but suitable for all ages in the primary sector, this useful resource explains in simple and engaging language the importance of the Honey Bee. It comes accompanied by a range of worksheets covering many KS1 curriculum areas including maths, science, creative English and vocabulary, art and craft, drama and music, and cooking with honey.


The 28-minute DVD produced by Gilly Films is divided into 10 clear sections that can be viewed in either Welsh or English:


1. A general introduction
2. Where do bees live
3. The bee family – worker bees, Queen bee, drone bees
4. The life cycle
5. Jobs of worker bees
6. Bees and flowers
7. The waggle dance
8. Honey extraction
9. The beekeeper
10. Bees are important.


We're pleased to offer the DVD and work sheets in either Welsh or English language, be sure to select the one you'd like before ordering.

The project has been funded by the Welsh Menter a Busnes company and the Co-operative project Plan Bee. It  has been distributed free to 135 schools across four counties in North Wales which took part in the Plan Bee Project in Denbighshire, Conwy, Gwynned and Flintshire. 

'The Honey Bee' Education Pack

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