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Bees are carefully selected by Kirsty from colonies showing the best Apis Melifera Melifera characteristics


Characteristics include:

  1. Bees of dark colour enabling greater absorption of solar radiation

  2. Bees with a compact brood pattern surrounded by an arc of pollen and honey stores, thus increasing survival rate in a long cold winter

  3. Bees that fly in low temperatures

  4. Bees that adjust their breeding rate to suit the weather and therefore income

  5. Bees that produce good honey yields even in poor summers

  6. Bees that cluster tightly in winter and are frugal in their consumption of stores

  7. Bees that often choose not to swarm.

honeybee-on-flowering-currant 2.jpg

One of Kirsty’s British bees gathers nectar from the Flowering Currant that is abundant in the Ceiriog Valley.

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